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Our Salvation Army activities
Many years ago, Marsha and I decided to join the Salvation Army.
In many respects, it has been a real "eye" opener, for us. 
We have worked with their Emergency Disaster group.
Built a nice "Canteen truck", for Emergency-Disaster use.
Helped start a program for feeding homeless, and poor. 
Below will be a few pictures of some of that effort.
You will note that we do not have many pictures of the adult homeless. They are very wary of camera's, so we do not take their pictures, unless they OK it.
Barb and Marsha starting the days meal
Bernice and Terry helping prepare the food for the meal
Barb helping one of the children get his meal
Steve and Marsha helping the children
We always feed the "un attended children" first, then the adults. 
Many of the adults object to having their photo taken. 
Some may have vagrancy warrents, or?, others have told me that they do not want to be an embarassment to their families. 
One even said she was hiding from an abusive EX-husband, and that if he found her, she would have to leave the area. 
She sleeps in an old abandan car.  Some life, HUH?
This man in the Orange jacket had been in the US airforce.  When his enlisted time was up, he became homeless, as he could not find a job.
There are many poor and homeless children in our area.
Marsha and I started "on the street" with this old truck, that we turned into a "Canteen" vehicle.
There are many poor and homeless children in our area.
Barb and one of the children
Bill, my brother in law, helping
Buck, Sarah, and Sandy on break!
Some one donated a lot of shampoo and soap!
Pastor Jim, of Riverside Assembly of God, helping distribute the items
Here they are, before bagging up.
My youngest grandson Zachery, is always a big help, when he is in town.
Earnest Damon, in one of his rare "slow minutes".
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