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My Grandpa let me drive this tractor!
Zac helping poor and homeless.
Happy birthday to me!
Zac and the real "Bigfoot"!
"scootering", in Grandma & PAPA's driveway!
See my Smallmouth Bass
Here I am with 2 of my Great Aunts Ruth and Gail
Here I am saying goodby to Great grandma Meinert.
This is my Great grandma Opal.
I am camping with Grandma and PAPA, and they let me saw up firewood.
Here I am putting up a flagpole for my PAPA.  I did not know that it was the last thing I was going to do for and with him, before Mom stopped our visiting.
Here I am driving a big truck.  I don't know who the guy on back is!
PAPA and I rode this big ferris wheel!
PAPA and Grandma let me jump in this big "Balloon tent".
Then PAPA and I rode the bumper cars.  That was fun, I kept bumping into him!
Here I am giving out gifts to the homeless.  This is my friend Barry.
I flew this airplane around and around!
WOW! Squeeze these things, and milk comes out!
I just love older cars!
I am all ready to go to Church!
I just love water, swimming, fishing, boating!
I enjoyed being a part of the Salvation Army.
Hey look!  Papa and I have chairs just alike!
I just love helping PAPA do things!
I loved fishing even as a young man!
I loved sitting in PAPA's lap and talking to him!
I love Staying with PAPA and Grandma at their house, or at a Motel!
Nothing like just "Relaxing at Home".
Here I am with my friend Barry on PAPA's boat!
I love playing with my toys!
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Here I am, leading my class to the Christmas play!
This is my Christmas tree!
This was my dads house, where I lived with him,and mom in Rockford, Illinois!
This is MR. Smiley. Papa and I play catch with him.!
I played Joseph, in the Christmas play!
It was at 3019 Ruth ST., in Rockford, Illinois.
This is me, diving into the pool!
I love making splashes
What do you think? Pretty good looking Arab, huh?
This is me, diving into the pool-backwards!
I love my Grandma!
HA HA, I made grandma have "Rabbit ears"!