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I have not had time to add many pictures to this page. How ever, you can click on the link, and see some other pictures that I have on another page.See Photos here

Many things are in dire need of repair, in Honduras.  The people have neither the material, the tools, or even the knowledge to do it them selves.  They are capable, if only some one would take time to teach them a little, and give them the tools and material.
This is Luz Marie, 8 years old.  She took a shine to me.  She lives in the orphanage.
This is Luis.  He took a liking to my wife.  He wanted to come home with us.  He was a bright young fellow.
This young man said "Tu y me mejor Amigos, si? "   Yes he was a good friend! His name was Olin.
Many boys in the orphanage had broken bicycles.  Here Grant (on left) and I are fixing one of them
Marsha and I are part of a Missionary team, that goes to Honduras twice a year.  The people of Honduras are among the poorest in this half of the world.They are also some of the happeist and most friendly folk around the globe.   Following are a few random photo's taken while there.  If I printed all of them, it would take you 4 hours to view them all!
One team goes down the Kruta river in this boat
Typical village family
The "outhouse".  Some of the ladies did not like it much.  HMM wonder why?
This is a typical cook stove.  It is made of clay.
One of the best equiped kitchens I saw.
There are those Ladies again, now they do not like the bridge!
You need firewood, to cook on a homemade clay stove.
Every one helps.
Fortunately, the Ladies have not yet seen this bridge!
Typical village houses.
Close to the "main" Highway!
A little muddy section here
Hauling produce to town, to sell it.
One of the many means of transport we use.
A typical village and a typical landing strip.  The large building is the village church.
We put a new roof on one of the homes at the orphanage.  Typical of boys every where, we had a roof full of young fellows.
Water must be carried.
My friend Loring operating in a Honduras Village
A lady, in a coma, was carried to the doctor.
Karla and the residents of hogar 11
another means of getting your cargo delivered, in Honduras.
Where is that bus?
Mud slide area.  Getting close to the village!
School/Church / general purpose "building".
Nap time?  Or shelter from the weather.
United Fruit company Plantation
One of the Hogars, and the laundry system, in SOS village.
The beach at "Uhi" village
Carrying the supplies for the village team from I. H. S.
Map?  We don't need no stinkin map! We got signs!
The local residence are always glad to see visitors "drop in".
An aerial view of the village of UHI.
Highway to Auka village.
Hey the last nail is driven, we are done.  Lets see what happens when it rains!
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