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On my wife Marsha's side of the family the two main names were Meinert, (Her paternal name), and LaMont, (her maternal name).  Here are a few of her family's photo's.
Little Hannah, and her friend
Little Jordan, at a wedding
Roberts daughter Emily
Mom's brother Warren, and Jeanie LaMont
Mom's sister Janet, and Sherry
Cousins DE DE, and Tina, and their husbands
Susan and her son Michael.
Moms sister Barb, and Cuz Sherry
Andrew, Roberts son, known as Boo.
Marsha at 6 months
Richard, Susan, Robert, and Marsha, Brothers and sisters.
Marsha's mom and Dad.  Beverly and Donald
Jason Susans oldest son
Sisters Barb, Dawn, and Janet
Barb and her sister Dawn.
Kahlie, Richards daughter
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Kahlie, Jason, and Zachery
Aunt Dawn, Scott, and Janet  Scotts mom
Little cousin Jerimia, and his mom, Luciana
Michael, and his girlfriend Krista
Susan, Jerimia, and Major Johnson
Susans husband Jerry, and niece Kahlie
Sherry cut the cake at our wedding, and again for our 25th anniversary.  Emily is assisting her.
Richard, with his wife Elizabeth (Liz).
Robert and his wife, Teresa
Sherry with her two children, and her husband Ron.
Susans family, Michael, Jason, Susan, and Jerry