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I went to New Orleans and met some new friends.  We ran a Salvation Army Canteen, and fed many of the people there for 2 weeks.  I will have their pictures a bit farther down on this page. Here are some of the pictures I brought home.
This house ended up right in the middle of the street!
This is a "barge" that ended up a long way from the Ocean!  They say it is setting on 3 houses, and do not know if any bodies are under it yet.  It is also sitting on the front end of a school bus
Look closely, there is a car under this house!
What a way to park your car!
Look at that mud and muck.  It is full of toxic things!
Doesn't every one keep a boat in their yard?
Look at that roof line!
There really was a house sitting here before the storm!
Another house that can not be repaired!
Vicky, and Linda, sisters from Missouri, and Salvation Army Major Kathy.  They were the first team I was assigned to.
Jeane, and Sandy From Michigan.  I was very lucky to have worked with these 2 fine crews. 
Under ground garage maybe?
This WAS the second story, of a house.
What a place to park!
more mud!
Inside the "Palace", I slept here the first week.;
week 2, I slept in the Baptist church.
Soldiers on guard duty.  They were every where.
The sign says it all.
Taking the "mobile home" to a new limit!
The Palace!
Look at all the toxic mud!
No sign, but it still looks unsafe to me!
This is furniture.  Ucky huh?
OOPS! Now where did that house go?
Another version of the do it your self "mobile home"!
Typical sign seen in the New Orleans area.
I have been reassured that there was a house here.
Wow, same problem here!  No house no more!
May not be repairable.  The 1 in back is not much btr.
Plaster walls and ceilings need replacing too.
Electric is out every where.  It will take years to get it all repaired.
Every where I went, there was damage!
All appliances had to be removed and junked out.
I would bet that this house was not in the street before
You can see the water line above the eave.
Another house missing from it's original location!
It was not clear to me what this structure was.  Look at the bottom, it is rounded like a boat!
How would you like to wake up to this mess?
Something seems missing.  Oh yes, the rest of the house!
Notice how the shrubery has died up to the water line?  I saw that in lots of places.
We wanted to stop in for a burger-but!
OK Ladies, here is how it is done.
OH-OH look who is driving!  Look out world!
Here, Paul, is bagging up some goodies for a man.
Look at this!
All here, just re arrainged!
Living Room! Needs new drapes and other attention!
Right side appears OK. Left side a differest story!
Where is your boat?
Just a "tad" beat up!
This house is 20 feet away from it's original foundation!
Don't you just hate it, when things seem to be falling down around your head?  Well it could have been worse, the WHOLE house could have come down, at least now you have a place to start!
Maybe I can get up here, and not get soaked like the rest of these cars are going to!
Look at those wires.  Ain't gonna hook up no electric just yet.
Will someone help me wash these things?
open frame
Lined up waiting for our hot food.
Everything loaded except the hot food containers
The hot food containers.  Each held 100 meals.  The truck on left is a "Mobile" kitchen.
Bill Everly,Canteen boss for the first week I spent in New Orleans.
The Baptist church was surrounded by cemetary!
This church in Jefferson Parish also suffered damage.
Every evening, the Canteen 's had to be cleaned, inside, and out.
Here, we were handing out cleaning supplies, mops, brooms,  food, water, diapers, clothes etc.  to residents.
Look close.  This is a bedroom.  The bed is still there, as was a TV etc. The only things missing are walls and a roof.
Not sure what this building was, but it sure is wrecked
All metal appliances had to be removed and hauled away, due to contamination.
First Baptist church of New Orleans.  A beautiful facility.  It sustained 12,500,000.oo dollars in damage!
This is a typical street scene.  The cars have been under water long enough to be ruined!
The above are all typical street scenes.  The cars are ruined, the homes may well be ruined also, they are heavily contaminated with Toxic substances.
Hard to see with the picture so small, but wires are hanging on the ground.  It will be impossible to power up, until they are all fixed.
What a mess, Huh?
Here and there, was a dry section.
There were not too many GOOD places to park!