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           I have been told, that 3 brothers came to this country about 1740, from Germany. Their last name of Pflachter, was changed to Plaster, for the first one, and Plasters, for the second brother, then Plasterers, for the third brother. I do not know if this is exactly right, but I do know that the three names came from one source. Older members of the family have told me many times that it is all one family. I have noticed both names on a tombstone, and I have noticed both names in a family of sons. Wild huh?

The next Plaster, Plasters, & Plasterers family reunion, will be June  2006.

Sadly, Chuck Dreyer has passed away, so thge new President of the Association is Ed Plasters. Chuck was a real driving force in the family, and the main reason that our book was published.

If you have an article you would like to see published in the Plaster, Plasters, Plasterers newsletter, you may submit it to Jackie Worthington.

Chuck's notes from the August 2000 newsletter follow:

Our 2000 gathering of the cousins turned out pretty good. Many of them were in attendance for the first time. This is good, and we need to increase this number next year.

Seeing a number of members working so hard to permit the rest of us to enjoy the day just did not appear to be fair to those working members. With this in mind, we will hold our "Family Gathering", next year (2001) at the Holiday INN in Springfield, MO. The management will set up the room provide table cloths, napkins, plates, silverware, etc. They will provide a speakers dais, an intercom, tables for the "silent auction", and a piano will be available for entertainment that might require it. The Holiday Inn, will prepare the food, and display it "buffet" style. For all of this, we simply pay our "Buffet lunch". They will clean up afterward.

This appeared to be a good deal and was it voted to do this at our next meeting in June 2001 (the fourth weekend). For all us out of town guests, the Holiday Inn will provide many more services. Details will be sent to all at a later date!!

We did set a cut-off date as of the "end of July", for all family information to be submitted. This did take some by surprise, but we have been talking of doing this for at least 2 years. This had to be done, to permit as much family info as possible to be used. The Editors will need this time to sort and arrange all data and photographs. Then there will be a period for consulting with the publisher for his advice on finalizing the manuscript. This all takes time!

Again a letter will follow later with more details about the book. Individuals will be asked to estimate the number of copies they might want, Once the approximate cost is determined. With a little help and a little prayer we can finalize this.

Thank you for your patience, Chuck Dreyer

The following is another Article from the August 2000 newsletter:

At the June 2000 reunion, the attendees was asked their preference as to the format of the book (Plasters book to be published in 2001 ed.) whether it should be in the form of a type of three ring binder, or be a hard cover type of book.

After considerable discussion of the advantages of each type, a vote directed that the preference was in favor of a book with a hard cover.

Chuck Dreyer announced that a preliminary examination of data, notes, photos, and ancedotes already on hand will fill a book of more than 350 pages. There is still much material to be received in days to come.

Every one present was urged to check the material they had submitted and wanted to submit on their return home. Considerable time is required to do all the tasks associated with publishing a book.

The sooner the preliminary assembly of data is completed, the sooner these tasks can be started.


Posters filled with pictures of current relatives and those from previous generations were displayed for every one to see. Chuck and Charlie and their wives prepared most of these, and cousins from arount the U. S. furnished others.


Numerous items donated by cousins, spouses, and friends were auctioned to help add to the treasure Jerry Plaster's "FAMILY ASSOCIATION FUNDS".

A Potluck lunch at noon was followed by a business meeting. Greeting, visiting and getting aquainted became the order of the day. The meeting adjourned at 5:00 P. M.
Nearby Cemetary tour Sunday

So many were departed for home on Sunday, and so few sign-ups, that the tour was canceled. Maxine Bischoff, who had come from Portland, Oregon, was escorted to nearby Branson by Wanda Austin and Judy Burks.

Every one departed looking forward to next year's June meeting in Springfield, MO. The fourth weekend.


Jackie Worthington of Bryon, Texas has been appointed Editor of the P-P-P Family Association Newsletter, according to "Chuck" Dreyer, President.

Jackie is a descendant of Thomas Pliney Plaster, who in turn is descended from Ole John's son Thomas R.

She graduated from Stephan F. Austin High School, in Houston, TX., and has worked in accounting for 38 years before retiring in 1988.

Jackie is a volunteer worker for several local organizations in Bryan, one of which is the Brazos Valley Republican Womens group. Her mother lives with her. And her son, who is a private pilot, lives on the Gulf in the Galveston area.

As the new Editor of the P-P-P newsletter, Jackie will be glad to receive your news articles, notes, comments, accounts of family events, meeting notices and family stories, both old (even very old) and new. Her address is
# Jackie Worthington
# 704 Matous Drive
# Bryan, Texas 77802

Jackies E-MAIL is and her phone is (979) 822-9194

The parentage of myself and my 5 siblings:De Etta, Carol, Carla, Jack, and Jill
Name, and who, Descended from
Thomas White-1, born Reading, England 1492. Deceased
Thomas White-2, born Nottinghamshire England, Deceased, son of Thomas-1 White
Alexander White, born Sturton, England 1558. Deceased, son of Thomas White & ??
Thomas White-3, born 1587 Deceased, son of Alexander White & Eleanor Smith.
John White, born ?? Deceased, son of Thomas White & Susanna
Daniel White, born 1668. Deceased, son of John White & Elizabeth Goble
Joseph White-1, born 1704. Deceased, son of Daniel White & Mary
Joseph White-2, born 1737. Deceased, son of Joseph White & Mary Whitmore/Weber
Joseph White-3, born 1764. Deceased, son of Joseph White & Lucy ?
Ansell B. White, born 1808. Deceased, son of Joseph White & Elizabeth (Bessie) White
Winfield S. White, born 1861. Deceased, son of Ansell B. White & Allura Bryant
Bonnie C. (White) Brown, born 1888 deceased 1927. Daughter of Winfield S. White & Laura V. Carnahan
Opal (Brown) Plasters born 1911, Deseased 2002. Daughter of Paris R. Brown & Bonnie White
Paul Plasters born 1938 son of Opal Brown & Newell Plasters. Pauls e-mail
Kandy Jones born 1961 Daughter of Paul Plasters, & Evelyn Sigler, Divorced. Kandy's e-mail: email
Tim Plasters born 1960 deceased 1997. Son of Paul Plasters & Evelyn Sigler
Zac Plasters born 1996 son of Tim Plasters & Jill Love
John Plaster-1, born 1740 our G-G-G-G-G grandfather, Deceased (first Plasters born in this country?)
Joseph Plaster-1, born 1770 our G-G-G-G grandfather Deceased, son of John-1
John Plaster-2, born 1794 our G-G-G grandfather, Deceased son of Joseph-1 (War hero 1812)
John Plasters-3, born 1829 our G-G grandfather Deceased son of John-2,
Jarred (or Jarret?) Plasters, born 1857 our Great Grandfather, Deceased. Son of John-3.
Roy Plasters born 1892 our grandfather, Deceased. Son of Jarred Plasters.
Newell Plasters born 1917 our father, Deceased, son of Roy Lee Plasters, and Sophia (Jenkens) Plasters.
Opal (Brown) Plasters, born 1911 our mother, Deceased, daughter of Bonnie (White) Brown, and Paris Robert Brown.
Paris R. Brown our maternal grandfather, Deceased, son of John Henry Brown, and Melvina (McCoy) Brown.
John Henry Brown born 1832 Indiana our great grandfather, Deceased, son of Dawson Brown
Dawson Brown our maternal Great Great grandfather, deceased. No farther information on Dawson's line, at this time.

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