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Marsha's beauty shop
(815) 399-9233
My Aunt Loraine getting her hair done in Marsha's shop. Her granddaughters Tania and Stacy are helping!  Tania and Stacy live in Australia, and are here visiting.
Here she is all finished, ready to go. What a difference a little work makes!
Marsha talked Jack and I into posing! You can make her out, in the mirror taking the picture.
Marsha said "I want my shop updated, after all, it is 30 years old"!   So we went to work, below are the results. Maybe she was right, the new look is not nearly so dark.
Andrew helping with floor
Even our neighbor Heidi got into helping!
Oh! OH! Caught in the act!  It sure was work!
Scraping, off the old.
Pulling, tearing, scraping  We all got into it!
Even Granma Marsha got into the act!
Well here are the results.  Main work station.
Wider view of the main work station.
The drying stations.
The shampoo station